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Every patient is treated warmly in our eye care office. Individual attention is the foundation of our care to ensure that your eyes remain healthy. We’re dedicated to optimizing your vision.

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Dr. Joseph G. Morra

I have had the privilege of practicing optometry for over thirty-five years. With this wealth of experience, I work diligently to offer exceptional, skillful, and personable care to each patient. Additionally, I have surrounded myself with other doctors, and highly skilled technicians, who are talented, empathetic, and kind. We are...
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Dr. Christine Joy

Dr. Christine Joy is a New York State licensed optometrist who enjoys her time working at the practice that introduced her to the world of optometry. Her father, Dr. Morra, is the owner of Skyline Optometry and has been her inspiration to become an optometrist from a young age. Dr....
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Dr. Dana Mitchell

Dr. Dana Mitchell worked at Skyline Optometry starting at the age of 16. She worked as a technician for Dr. Morra and is excited to now return to work at Skyline as an optometrist.  Dr. Mitchell graduated from SUNY Oswego with a Bachelor of Science in biology and health science...
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Alaura Scarantino

Alaura Scarantino, our most experienced optometric technician, has spent almost a decade working at Skyline Optometry. Her dynamic, friendly personality makes our patients feel instantly comfortable. She excels in all aspects of patient care, from pre-testing for the doctors, to aiding in frame and lens selections for eyeglasses. Alaura is...
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Alexis Smith

Alexis (Lexi) Smith, is our newest optometric technician. In addition to being compassionate and kind, Lexi is highly educated. She attended Rochester Institute of Technology, Syracuse University, and finished her BS degree in Genetics and Cell Development from Arizona State University. Lexi has quickly and expertly learned all aspects of...
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Lois Clabeaux

Lois Clabeaux has worked at Skyline Optometry for over forty years. Lois enjoys working with patients in all aspects of care, but especially during the frame selection process. Her wealth of experience in optical is invaluable. In her spare time, Lois enjoys working out at the gym, traveling, gardening, and...